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‚Human Heads came of age in 2013, although in some sense they were born in 2005 at a gig at the Lido Cliff Bar in Margate. They have pursued their line in warped topographical sketches through to present times, with several line-up changes (56 and counting: they don’t get on with other people). Their last gig was an ad hoc affair at Whitby Abbey where they played to a rapt audience of occultists and British Heritage enthusiasts.

So far they have released one recording in a tasteful baby pink cassette shell which is out on Singing Knives (‘thee modern classic’, I. D. Knight), and for their next trick they are practicing their backstroke, swimming past the Black Rock of a seaside town to channel the energies of Ann Quin.

Human Heads is Hannah Ellul (Synth, field recordings, vocoder) & Ben Knight (voice, vocoder, cymbal, objects). They have so far released a cassette on Sheffield’s Singing Knives Records and have a forthcoming remix EP on Psykick Dancehall Recordings‘.