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During his artist in residence at Lothringer13_Florida in August Richard John Jones researched into lost lesbian, gay and queer spaces in Munich, made the temporary lesbian bar Moby Dyke within Lothringer13_Florida, and produced a short film deriving from the material uncovered during the residency period.

Akustische Stadterkundung | Auf den Spuren der zweiten Frauenbewegung mit Ariane Rüdiger 


Moby Dyke 5

MOBY DYKE – a temporary lesbian bar: Opening and Closing Event

2015/08/21 and 2015/08/22

Moby Dyke 4

Moby Dyke 6

Moby Dyke 8

Cosy Piero

Moby Dyke 7Moby Dyke 1

Moby Dyke 9

Moby Dyke 2   Moby Dyke 3

Filmshoot Moby Dyke by Richard John Jones


Moby Dyke 10

Moby Dyke 11   Moby Dyke 12

Director: Richard John Jones

DoP: Julia Swoboda

Assistend Director: Julian Curico

Sound: Colin Djukic

with: Maximiliane Baumgartner, Maria Cincotta, Johanna Gonschorek, Philipp Gufler, Leo Heinik, Fabian Hesse and Mirja Reuter

More informations on the film are coming soon!