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Ypsmael’s experimental sound performances started in 2009 as a solo project in Cambridge, England. With an emphasis on improvisation and chance operations, Ypsmael initially focused on manipulated guitar recordings and environmental sound, developing a sound palette akin to dark ambient and noise music. Recent work builds on this, adopting an exploratory and free-form playing approach for acoustic, electric, prepared, or broken instruments, alongside amplified objects and effects pedal-driven electroacoustic improvisation which often includes elements of visual/performance art or interventions. Snippets of treated sonic artefacts, controlled feedback and audio detritus are combined with modified woodwind instruments, percussion, subdued vocals, circuit-bent electrics, radiophonics, field recordings and silence. Sounds, live samples and loops are created in-situ, forming instant electronic compositions that do not rely on software or computers. As a frequent collaborator (under varying aliases), as well as solo, Ypsmael favours playing live and most of his released work is also recorded live, typically into one microphone and onto a single track without further edits, mixing or mastering. Settings have so far included concert, installation, video art, live cinema, dance, performance art, film, theatre, live painting, poetry, street art, audio design and recording.

Ypsmael mainly works outside of institutionalised structures. If you found this website, it would normally be through word of mouth. This means that financial support is sparse and can never be taken for granted — every cent surely counts. If you value activities outside of the music industry, the commodification of the so-called ‘underground’, support artists directly. Thanks!