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Opening ‚Natureza Morta‘ by Raphael Daibert, Paula Van Erven & Mavi Veloso
Friday, 13.09.2019,  6-9 pm

Pão de Queijo and drinks
Sunday, 15.09.2019, 4-6 pm
Come have some Pão de Queijo and drinks with the artists Raphael Daibert and Paula Van Erven before their departure from Munich where they will share the outcomes of their residency at Villa Waldberta and Lothringer13_Florida.

on view Florida_Fenêtre
Saturday, 14.09.2019 – Wednesday, 30.10.2019

Natureza Morta is a collective installation by Raphael Daibert, Paula Van Erven, and Mavi Veloso, that occupies the Lothringer13_Florida space and Florida_Fenêtre in the context of Various Others. The installation comes out of a process started by the artists Raphael Daibert and Paula Van Erven during their residency at Villa Waldberta, in Munich. The artists had the opportunity of (re)meeting and working together during the summer, with Mavi Veloso’s crucial input on the closing process of their research. Through painting, photography, and audio, the collaborative piece takes a critical point of view on the notion of nature morte, or ’still life‘ in its English translation, very present throughout Western art history. The artists‘ interest, however, is in the words that are used for the term in most Latin languages: literally denoting ‚dead nature‘. Reviewing, through their work, what is broadly understood as classical, traditional or biological, and considering the current Brazilian political moment, where the intention to extinguish the plural, diverse and autochthonous has never been so contemporary, „Natureza Morta“ revisits the elementary of observation and perception, in a study that dismantles structures of language that are taken for granted, in order to continually re-articulate the aesthetics of direct experience.

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