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Lothringer13_Florida, The Library Group and The Piracy Project (currently at Kunstverein Munich) invite you to join us for a round table workgroup with Marcell Mars on Friday 7 November 2014 at 2pm.

We will reflect and discuss today’s conditions of knowledge production and dissemination looking at current monopolisition of intellectual property and suggesting alternative forms of critical and anarchistic ways of sharing and borrowing of knowledge.

Please join us on Friday 7 Nov 2 pm for a round table workgroup at Lothringer13_Florida.

In the evening we’ll move to the opening of Piracy Reading Room at Kunstverein Munich starting at 7pm.

Nenad Romic aka Marcell Mars, is a free software advocate, cultural explorer, and social instigator, who currently initiated the exhibition, labor and conference at Würtembergischer Kunstverein Public Library, Rethinking the Infrastructures of Knowledge Production. His ongoing Public Library-project envisions a constantly growing, decentralized network of digital libraries based on the open source library application Calibre and the plug-in “Let’s Share Books.” The latter was designed by Mars to connect and share Calibre libraries via the Internet.

Lothringer13_Florida is an art space founded by the city of Munich and is organised by a collective of five people.

The Piracy Project is an international publishing and exhibition project exploring the philosophical, legal and practical implications of book piracy. It explores creative modes of reproduction and alternative channels to disseminate knowledge. A collection of currently 150 copied, modified and appropriated books from across the world will be available as a Reading Room at Kunstverein Munich in November. Here we run a 2-week workshop to explore informal distribution networks and archives in Munich. The Piracy Project is part of AND Publishing’s research programme in London.