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It is 7am. The nightclub is nearly empty as the evening draws to a close, but the traces and residue of a night remain. Spilt drinks, someone left their handbag on a seat and their hair-clips in the bathroom. Most of the glasses are now cleared— the lights are still on and the music still plays.

lightreading present a series of architectural propositions toward a fictional, socially progressive nightclub complex. Each space is designed by an individual architect in isolation; the overall structure coalesces in the pages of the magazine.

Contributors include Angela Cho, Abbey Gould, Sukaina Kubba, Kimberly Read, Raphaela Rose, Amber Ruckes, Nicholas Rebstadt & Susana Torre— & Ruth Höflich has designed a new cocktail; the Healing Brush.

lightreading is the collaborative identity of artists Sarah Rose & Sonya Lacey.

Ultra Vires and the lightreading residency in Munich were also supported by Creative New Zealand