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Florida Magazin #4 & Der Fahrende Raum Flugschrift #2

  • 2021

Aktionsräume Florida Magazin #4 & Der Fahrende Raum Flugschrift #2 PDF HIER/PDF HERE Das Florida Magazin #4 und Der Fahrende Raum Flugschrift #2 erschienen als ein gemeinsames Buch zu der Geschichte, zu einer (möglichen) Gegenwart sowie den verschiedenen Bedeutungsebenen und der Phänomenologie des »Aktionsraums«. Die Publikation versammelt dabei Beiträge in Wort und Bild, die sich weiter lesen Florida Magazin #4 & Der Fahrende Raum Flugschrift #2

Offener Samstag mit Perpetuum Mobile The Artotheque / Living Archive

  • 2017
  • Samstag 2. June @ 12-18 Uhr

Red Mined, a feminist curatorial collective, curated and produced Living Archive editions (2011-2015) – opening up the form of an exhibition with a help of different tools; bringing artists, collectives and the public together to generate a “live” exhibition and a living archive // The Perpetuum Mobile (ongoing) inhabits on Saturday the 2nd June the Lothringer13_Florida

(endless) Red Mined Symposium #1 ON NON/MOTHERHOOD

  • 2017
  • May 9th, 2017 @ 18:00

On the occasion of Symposium #1, Red Mined invites friend artists, curators, theoreticians and practitioners, mothers and non-mothers to reflect, to talk and to-future on and from performative materializations of “non/motherhood”, through both refusal and embracing. // As a multi-voiced star-formed platform, this first symposium is here to engage the troublesome “nature” and “law” of not/giving birth, non/reproduction, non/family and non/work // May 9th, 2017 @18:00